Spot the yellow: Obsession, danger & innocence in Utena

Spot the [color] it’s a section where I try to interpret the meaning behind the use of [color] in a character and/or a scene.

I’m going to be frank: this show intimidates the hell out of me. I even feel like I need to put disclaimers like “hey, I’m just a fairly newbie Utena fan doing my best” or something. I do know a thing or two about colors, and I’m intrigued with how this show uses some of them… So let’s do this.

Yellow is both an aggressive and versatile color. It’s the strongest one of the color wheel; everything fades into the background in its presence, which is why it’s so often used in “caution” or “attention” signs. Continue reading “Spot the yellow: Obsession, danger & innocence in Utena”

The women of Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a space opera –considered a masterpiece by many– which exclusively follows the legends of a few men as they attempt to conquest (or fight against it) the galaxy. Or so I thought. LOGH is quite a unique ride, but I have to admit that one of my biggest surprises was the strength of its female cast. It can stumble when it comes to doing them justice, and there’s no denying that they’re still way too few women on the show. But the women we get have plenty of remarkable qualities (or faults!), which they use either to survive, take control of their lives or pursue their own destinies. As a consequence, some even left their own mark on history.

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Sun, Moon & Stars: Cardcaptor Sakura Retrospective

I remember Cardcaptor Sakura from the days when Cartoon Network (my then favorite channel) aired most of the big shonen and shojo hits of the era. Although I liked it (Sakura was the sole reason I owned a couple of roller skates), for some reason, I didn’t remember much of the show itself growing up. I suspect it might have been because it aired while I had school, which would, of course, mean that I never watched it much, but I’m not really sure. However, I’ve always wanted to go back to it, and the winter season bringing us a sequel was the push I needed it to finally do so.

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