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A video on Lady Eboshi, tanukis and queer media

First of all, thanks to all the people who participated on my survey! I’m really thankful. It’s still open by the way, especially if you feel like suggesting some topics.

I’ll be releasing my first video soon. It will be an updated version of one of the first articles of this blog about Lady Eboshi, from Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke (which I now find lacking). Look forward to it!

Some sources I’m using in my work

One interesting link to check out is on shirabyoushi. Their appearance have lead some people to link Lady Eboshi to them, often believing they were prostitutes. I’m unsure why people think that (although I have some theories), but they actually were female entertainers that performed traditional Japanese dances, always in men’s clothes. Some were concubines, but that was not their intended purpose as shirabyoushi.

“Ecofeminism” isn’t a word I heard often, but this a long article examining Lady Eboshi through that perspective. I don’t entirely agree with it, mind you, but I can’t deny it’s a very interesting take.

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Weekly Links: Updates, Queer manga and women only

I know, I know, I’m so inconsistent with this section! I’ll start doing this on friday-saturday rather than sunday-monday. Maybe then it will be easier to actually do this every week.

I haven’t been around the blog much –so sorry about that!– for two reasons: I’m preparing contributions for other sites and I have been completely consumed by My Hero Academia (it’s so good guys!). But that’s okay because now I can write about it… (right?)

Anyway, I actually didn’t neglect twitter, so here’s a little something:

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Weekly Links: Redesign, women bonds and toxic masculinity

The site is barely a month and a half old, but i went ahead and completely redesigned it. I feel like I’m still figuring out my general direction, but I’m more confident now in where I want to go. I’ll most likely keep making changes in the next couple days. Are the fonts okay? Is the site easy to navigate? I updated all the pages in the menu too. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Weekly Links: Origins and diverse media representation

Iku Okada started to write a series about the “japanese quiet war against gender inequality and queer representation” in response to this twitter discussion. She declares herself a proud otaku and fujoshi. Your can read her essays here: Self-introduction (Part I) and Defeat the true enemy, to save Princess Peach (Part II) Continue reading “Weekly Links: Origins and diverse media representation”