Beauty in Disney’s Classic Princesses (& The Little Mermaid)

I can’t remember why exactly I suddenly wanted to revisit the first couple of Disney princesses’ movies, but here we are! There’s clearly much that can be said about these movies, but in this particular post, I want to focus on one of the things that picked my attention the most: how beauty is presented.  Continue reading “Beauty in Disney’s Classic Princesses (& The Little Mermaid)”

Spot the yellow: Obsession, danger & innocence in Utena

Spot the [color] it’s a section where I try to interpret the meaning behind the use of [color] in a character and/or a scene.

I’m going to be frank: this show intimidates the hell out of me. I even feel like I need to put disclaimers like “hey, I’m just a fairly newbie Utena fan doing my best” or something. I do know a thing or two about colors, and I’m intrigued with how this show uses some of them… So let’s do this.

Yellow is both an aggressive and versatile color. It’s the strongest one of the color wheel; everything fades into the background in its presence, which is why it’s so often used in “caution” or “attention” signs. Continue reading “Spot the yellow: Obsession, danger & innocence in Utena”

Spot the purple: Death, mystery and the other worldly

Lately, I’ve been reading Patti Bellantoni’s “If It’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling”, because I love learning about color. I promise that my obsession with purple it’s not related to that catchy title, although I have to admit that it’s a color that always seems to find me.

While reading this book (which use live-action films as examples), I got the idea to kickstart what I hope can be a series of “spotting” the use of color in the shows I’m watching. This is mostly because I find interesting how anime and cartoons can get away with portraying things in more exaggerated, artificial ways, meaning that artists can take certain liberties that live-action filmakers might not. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s use of color it’s a very interesting example.

Continue reading “Spot the purple: Death, mystery and the other worldly”