I launched Otaku, she wrote on April 2017 to express my thoughts on the media I consume (mainly anime & manga), but without a clear idea of what I wanted to focus on. Time revealed what I was really passionate about, and nowadays, I run the blog mainly with the following objectives:

  1. Highlight media created by and/or targeted at women.
  2. Examine how media that doesn’t target women treat them.
  3. Discuss general tropes (especially in romance) and the treatment of queer characters.

(Occasionally, I also ramble about my other passions… like art and the use of color.)

I write essays, series retrospectives and review manga (the first volume in case is a long-running series). You can also find my stuff on Anime Feminist and Yatta-Tachi.

I make video essays and other compilations that generally run from 7 to 15 minutes.

If you like what I do and would like to help me keep the site running, here’s how (thank you!)

who is she


Hi! I’m known as Marion.

Some things I like: magical girls, retro, action, absurdly over the top shojo, crazy and eccentric shows, comedies, character-driven dramas, 80s music, pastel & neon color palettes, action, good action, did I mention action.

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