Welcome! Otaku, she wrote is where I unleash my endless rambles, mainly on anime & manga. I have a soft spot for queer and women’s media (and/or female creators) but expect to find all sort of analysis and over-analysis here.

I mostly write essays, retrospectives and reviews (when it’s manga, the first volume if it’s a long-running series). You can also find my stuff on Anime Feminist and Yatta-Tachi. If you like what I do and would like to help me keep the site running, here’s how (thank you!).



Hey! I’m known as Marion (they/them).

Some things I like: magical girls, retro, action, absurdly over the top shojo, crazy and eccentric shows, comedies, character-driven dramas, 80s music, pastel & neon color palettes, action, good action, lots of action.

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