Taking a Banana Break

5 thoughts on “Taking a Banana Break”

  1. Your posts have helped me to elaborate that whirlwind of emotions that I feel every Thursday, and for this I thank you infinitely. I have very blurred memories of the manga (which I read when I was 13 years old hidden by my cousins), but knowing how it ends I understand perfectly your need to take your time. However, I really hope to hear from you again about BF.

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  2. I completely understand how you feel. The intesnity of this series is too much. The show ended a 2 months ago and I still can’t bring myself to watch the final episode (even though i know the ending because I read the manga years ago).
    Take break, breathe, and come back when you feel like it. Though I just have to say that your coverage on BF is amazing. I love reading your insights and somehow find peace.


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