Taking a Banana Break

I started this series of posts because, despite its flaws, I’ve been loving this adaptation as its own thing. These detailed posts mostly highlighted how the adaptation was taking advantage of the medium to tell the story (like the use of color and symbolism). I also pointed out the changes I appreciated, and enjoyed drawing connections with all those old books and movies. 

The truth is that after thirteen weeks, this is starting to take a heavy emotional toll on me, and I realize that I really need to spend less time with this story. For my own good.

I still have things to say, and this doesn’t mean I won’t ever write about the show again, but I can’t no longer commit to weekly updates. Again, I’ll most likely be back with posts focusing on short and specific things because I can’t never shut up about Banana Fish, but… I just need to not be dedicating such a big part of my week every week to this. It’s… It’s an intense show, folks.

I’m thankful to everyone who has been following these posts along, and I apologize if I’m disappointing anyone. You can still find all my bad jokes and some rants on twitter!

#1 A Perfect Day for Bananafish

#2 In Another Country

#3 Across the River and Into the Trees

#4  This Side of Paradise

#5 From Death to Morning

#6 My Lost City

#7 The Rich Boy

#8 Banal Story

#9 Save Me the Waltz

#10 Babylon Revisited

#11 The Beautiful and Damned

#12 To Have and Have Not

#13 The Snows of Kilimanjaro

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4 thoughts on “Taking a Banana Break

  1. Your posts have helped me to elaborate that whirlwind of emotions that I feel every Thursday, and for this I thank you infinitely. I have very blurred memories of the manga (which I read when I was 13 years old hidden by my cousins), but knowing how it ends I understand perfectly your need to take your time. However, I really hope to hear from you again about BF.

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