BANANA FISH fans share their thoughts on the anime (1er cour) – Part I

banana fish

With the currently airing anime, Banana Fish has been sparking a lot of debate again. Now that the 1er cour has practically ended, I wanted to gather the thoughts and feeling of a group of fans regarding some aspects of the show and its main characters in one place, so here we are!

First, some quick explanations. The questions you’ll see here are the same questions I did in the form. However, I also asked for some additional data in order to get a better idea of who are these fans. Allow me to elaborate. 

I asked for ages and whether or not they have read the manga, because I wanted to know if they were younger fans that are just getting into the series, if they have been around for longer, etc. Since this is a show that has LGBTQ+ character and/or characters from different cultures, I also asked from what country they come from and if they consider themselves part of the LGBTQ+ community.

american natto

I debated whether or not I should include the few people in the 14-17 age range who answered, but I ended up deciding to do it because most of the main characters in the show are around that age. This is also based on a work that was originally published in a shojo magazine, whose target demographic is around that age as well. More importantly, no personal data was disclosed. When I asked for names, I clarified that they could use pseudonyms or remain anonymous, and most did that.

Sixty people have participated at the time of this writing. I didn’t want to divide this into too many posts, so I decided to feature 15 people per post. Since this is meant to gather the thoughts of people who watched the 1er cour of the anime, I also omitted answers or sections that contained spoilers (mostly answers in the additional thoughts section). If you see any of the names here missing in some questions, that’s why (or because they didn’t answer). Some answers were slightly edited for clarity (mostly just notable typos).

The Fans  (#1-#15)

AKI: 21 years old, U.S. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & trans. Has read the manga.

Malik (Sophomore): 21 years old, U.S. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & male. Anime only.

Cactus Matt: 30 years old, Australia. Identifies as male. Anime only.

Sabrina: 27 years old, U.S. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

Karina: 14 years old, U.S. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): 21 years old, UK. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & male. Anime only.

Nabilah: 22 years old, Malaysia. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

Melanie: 27 years old, Germany. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

naomi armitage: 26 years old, France. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Anime only.

Marah: 18 years old. Identifies as female. Has read the manga.

Jiyeon: 21 years old, U.S. Identifies as female. Has read the manga.

byul mochi: 21 years old, Indonesia. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

Charley: 20 years old, U.S. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & male. Anime only.

Ane: 23 years old, Brazil. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

Denise: 22 years old, Argentina. Identifies as LGBTQ+ & female. Has read the manga.

Why are you watching this show?

AKI: I read the manga earlier this year because of how silly the title was. And now I’m in hell.

Malik (Sophomore): Wanted to watch a seasonal show to get back into watching anime, and this was one that I just happened to come across. Was waiting to see Grand Blue Dreaming on Prime Video and decided to pass the time by seeing what this show is about. Needless to say, been hooked since.

Cactus Matt: Because it’s apparently based on a really well renown manga series.

ash looking cool

Sabrina: I enjoy the story and characters, especially after it inspired me to read the manga. It’s so well done and I look forward to seeing how they adapt Banana Fish from here on out.

Karina: Because it helps me cope.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): I started because there was a lot of hype around it, having known next to nothing about the source material beforehand. I’m continuing to watch it because it has so many flavours of goodness, from its exciting thriller setups which keep you hanging on the edge of your seat whenever an episode ends, the likable characters mixed with characters that are really fun to hate, and of course Ash and Eiji are so fucking beautiful!

Nabilah: I read the manga and while I wasn’t a huge fan I was still intrigued at the idea of an anime adaptation. We don’t often get a crime drama anime which features a lot of homoeroticism.

Melanie: I began to watch because the trailer looked interesting and I stay because I love the characters and the story so much!

naomi armitage: I love retro stuff (usually dark deep cyberpunk stuff) and this reboot/adaptation picked my interest and now I’m in a living hell lol so much pain every week omg (also ngl the ashxeiji domestic af relationship).

ash and eiji soft laugh.jpg

Marah: I live for gay shit.

Jiyeon: A friend recommended to me and the manga. So after reading the manga, I started watching.

byul mochi: To be honest, I watched and read the franchise to have a good time but honestly it’s just so haunting me and I felt attacked.

Charley: I’ll be honest it was the kiss scene everyone was showing.

Ane: I love the manga.

Denise: Yes.

What’s your favorite thing about this show?

AKI: All the emotional stuff. It hurts but it hurts good. Also, the relationship between Ash and Eiji is really nice to see develop throughout the series.

Malik (Sophomore): The gripping story.

Cactus Matt: It’s very dramatic, almost like a US HBO series which is rare for an anime.

Sabrina: I love love love the story of Banana Fish and the complex relationship between Ash and Eiji.

Karina: The characters and story.

gang members

Isaac (Uchoutenout): The romantic scenes between Ash and Eiji are super cute!

Nabilah: I guess the romance.

Melanie: The characters! Everyone, even the antagonists, are written very well and even adapted very well in the anime.

naomi armitage: The addicting super dark multi-layered story, the glorious OST, uwu soft moments (we all need a way to cope with all of the pain).

Marah: The boyfriends.

Jiyeon: The relationships that are seen within the show, it’s not all black and white. There are grey areas such as Ash’s relationship with his father, etc. Of course the relationship between Ash and Eiji is very interesting to see.

byul mochi: Everything, the plot, the characters, the twist, the comedy, the tragedy, literally everything (…)

Charley: Nothing in the show is obvious it’s written really well and treats the characters so well.

Ane: The fact that it’s a shoujo, but shows that not all shoujo follows that ~ordinary and girly~ aspect.

Denise: My favourite thing is the purest relationship between Eiji and Ash, they are more than friends or lovers, they are soulmates, how they want the best for the other even if they are not together.

What’s your less favorite?

AKI: the death.

Malik (Sophomore): Uh…….I guess the lack of a female character that lasts for more than one episode.

Cactus Matt: Lack of female characters.

nadia gives her back

Sabrina: The pacing. I’m worried about how much they’ll be able to fit of the rest of the manga in 12 episodes.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): The implications surrounding Ash’s orientations and his past of being abused definitely has some Yikes elements to it, though I am a bit willing to forgive due to being written in the 80s.

Nabilah: The plot which honestly stretches my suspension of disbelief a lot.

Melanie: The pacing in the anime sometimes.

naomi armitage: All the rape stuff, the villains.

Marah: Ash suffering.

Jiyeon: Not sure if I have one, if I had to say maybe just Arthur?

Charley: Nothing serious other than dead Shorter.

Denise: The thing that hurts me more is the reality of the manga, the pedophilia , the rape, the murder, the corruption. But anyways that horrible things are so true, and is cool that a manga like Banana Fish talk about them.

Do you have any feelings about the time change? (modernization)

AKI: Nah! The modernization didn’t concern me too much but I would’ve loved it if they kept it in the 80’s though.

Cactus Matt: I’m glad it’s set in the current day as it feels more relatable but at the same time I can see there are some things that didn’t quite make sense when transferring decades.

ash and shorter colorful bg.jpg

Sabrina: I actually like it. I can see why others would prefer keeping it in the 80s, but I think making it modern gives the creators room to experiment and explore the story more.

Karina: No, I think it’s interesting.

Nabilah: Yeah I think it’s a bad idea, not only aesthetically but also thematically. I would forgive a lot of the silliness if it would lean into the 80s aesthetic more.

Melanie: I understand why they put it in modern style but I would’ve loved to see it in the 80s. I love this atmosphere.

naomi armitage: I agree with you it’s not a modernization, it’s more of a hybrid kinda thing. This show still screams 80s adding smartphones ain’t changing the core of it.

Jiyeon: Not so far.

byul mochi: I’m torn between whether I love it or hate it, cause the original has the setting of the 80’s which when the whole racism thing is not a touchy subject and the LGBTQ+ is still a very hidden community.

Ane: I like the 80s better.

Denise: No, it’s cool.

What do you think of Ash’s character? What do you like the most about him?

AKI: Ash is honestly such an amazing character. He’s been through so many hardships throughout his life and I respect how strong he is even with all these adversaries in his way. He deserves happiness. (With his soulmate i.e. Eiji Okumura.)

eiji promises to stay with ash

Malik (Sophomore): It’s one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in years. How he’s portrayed as this killer who grew up around abuse and exploitation but still is able to show that he’s a smart and cunning kid, all before even hitting age 18, has been amazing.

Cactus Matt: Ash is a very strong and determined character, I like his perseverance in the face of adversity.

Sabrina: Ash is such a complicated, unique protagonist. I’ve never come across one quite like him. I love how he’s still flawed and vulnerable.

Karina: He’s my baby I’d die 4 him he deserves better.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): He’s an incredibly cool street rat with an understandable tendency to get angry while also being clever enough to be prepared while still being in enough of a situation of danger to make us really root for him. And the different sides to him are also displayed very consistently.

Nabilah: His character arc is very unique for a male fictional character who suffers from trauma and abuse and has to overcome it.

Melanie: I love him so much. He is a deep character whom you can’t understand so easily. But I have so many feelings for him. His backstory is so shocking and sad and it’s not a surprise that he does what he does! A lonely and hurt boy deep in his heart who just wanted to live a normal life, but he is thrown in a world full of death and darkness. And way more! Just fascinating, all of this.

eiji says ash is strong

naomi armitage: Ash is a complex character. I enjoy the soft parts the most when he is a brat like a normal 17yo boy and I’m hurt about all the pain he went/goes through.

Marah: I fucking adore it he is so kind and patient, smart, bold, cute how he cares about his loved ones and Eiji.

Jiyeon: Ash’s character is interesting and definitely one of my favorites, not just because he’s the main. You don’t really ever see the struggles of a character like him in other shows. It makes it very real and easy to empathize with him since you see him conflicted and broken down during the last few episodes despite seemingly having everything together.

byul mochi: That he moves forward, that he is strong and seriously even with the whole shit happens to him, he’s still a human.

Charley: He’s much more than a pretty face and even though he’s strong they still show his weak sides.

Ane: He’s sincere and values the people he loves.

Denise: I think Ash is a complex character, he does a lot of things to survive, but when meets Eiji, he knows new feelings, like happiness or love and care.

How do you feel about Ash’s abuse and trauma? How do you feel about the way the show is handling it thus far?

AKI: It’s heartbreaking to see it and hear about it. The show is really handling all the abuse and trauma well so far. No complaints from me at all.

Malik (Sophomore): I like the way they’ve used it. It leaves me feeling a little uneasy when they REALLY dive into it, which I’m sure it should. It adds more of a complexity to him and gives him more vulnerability.

lonely ash

Cactus Matt: It’s handling it about as well as I expected, not subtle about it but not exploitative.

Sabrina: It’s heartbreaking, of course. I think the show has done a good job of handling it respectfully and fully showing the impact his abuse has had on him.

Karina: It’s real and I feel like people could see and project themselves with Ash.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): As said before, the implication that he may have become gay from it definitely has a serious Yikes element to it. Thankfully, it doesn’t wade into that area for too long, mostly just using the details of it to inform how he wants to get revenge more than how it necessarily defines his self.

Nabilah: I think the scene that depicted it best was the interrogation scene early on but since then it’s become a dramatic device to extract the most a n g s t. The show is also relying too much on rape threats for shock value. Maybe this will eventually change however.

Melanie: As in the manga, they adapted his trauma very well. Abuse and trauma are very horrible things and we all can see how Ash suffered from this. He really has a big trauma what he can’t hide behind his cool acting. Very well written!

naomi armitage: The first few episodes were idk the prison arc I felt kinda uncomfortable. I mean so much implied rape but we got some revenge scenes too BUT!! I guess every time something horrible happens it’s to move the plot forward, it’s not in your face weird uncomfortable fanservice kinda thing. It just hurt so much… even though nothing too graphic is shown it hurts even when implied… the police interrogation scene was ewww I guess I really don’t like the prison arc.. I think they handled it in a respectful way? it’s just that poor baby Ash’s life is filled with SO MUCH HORRIBLE THINGS. All the trauma and abuse in BF’s world are hard to handle I guess all the more when you have trauma yourself …

ash with miami vice vibes

Marah: I am so fucking mad they didn’t have to handle Shorter’s death like that. I am so amazed by Ash handling the plot like that, he is strong but still, he is keeping it all inside my baby 💔

Jiyeon: The abuse and trauma he went through, I can slightly relate to because some of it has happened to me. Nowhere near as bad as his but I could understand why he became who he was. I think the show is handling it okay, I wish they developed more into it because there are some points they’re missing from the manga that would’ve been great to see in the show.

byul mochi: I’m sorry Ash had to go through all that, but in order to see the beauty of the world you have to suffer first. I think they have done a pretty good job so far.

Charley: It’s very realistic, I can tell the writers knew what they were doing when they were making his backstory.

Ane: It’s tragic but it’s an important topic and MAPPA is handling it well.

Denise: That’s to sad, but true for many people. I’m grateful that they not are explicit with that, showing unnecessary things.

How do you feel about how the show is portraying Ash and Eiji’s relationship thus far?

AKI: The show is doing a great job of developing their relationship. It feels natural and romantic, in my opinion. I love it.

Malik (Sophomore): Didn’t think much of it initially at the beginning but it’s blossomed into a beautiful thing to watch as it feels real and not forced or heavy-handed.

ash says for tonight, no more gangs or warfare.jpg

Cactus Matt: They should probably kiss soon, right?

Sabrina: I LOVE IT. I think the anime has painted it with a bit more of an obviously romantic tone, but I think it works for the medium, and for the pacing of the anime.

Karina: It’s a beautiful thing.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): The only issue I guess I would have with it is how coy it can occasionally be in getting them to the relationship status what with Eiji sometimes being all like “he’s a good friend” while Ash looks at him with strong marriage intentions in his eyes, but that’s pretty minor considering how adamantly attracted they’re shown to be. Like, I love how they clearly love each other so much.

Nabilah: It was the best part of the manga and while the show sometimes drops the ball on it their relationship is clearly the heart of the show. I think I like their relationship dynamic in theory and how it is foundational for other gay relationships (No.6, Wild Adapter, even YOI to an extent).

Melanie: I love them! In a romantic or a platonic way, we feel how much they love each other. It feels so realistic and unconditional… and the pacing in how they build the relationship is all right. So beautiful.

naomi armitage: I’m living for it! I think everyone is agreeing on this lol it’s like so coded: the gun metaphor, etc… I think they did a really good job so far. Also, the sparkle sound design when Ash hears Eiji screaming through the door in the mansion I MEAN!! they go out of their way to make it as romantic/domestic as possible. Eiji is totally treated like a love interest on screen, the whole damsel in distress trope fits him in many scenes.

never leave my side

Marah: 60% satisfied I want them to date already.

Jiyeon: Ash and Eiji’s relationship so far seems much softer than the relationship you see in the manga. Of course some scenes had been changed to make it PG (like the middle finger exchange). But I think it’s doing a good job showing how much they rely on and care for each other.

byul mochi: Their relationship is complicated, but the fact that they love each other dearly is true and I hope the anime can do better than before.

Charley: Of course we all want it to be gay but I love the friendship they have right now, I love seeing Ash genuinely care for someone and Eiji willing to do anything for Ash.

Ane: It’s going well but I wish they had more quality time together.

Denise: So beautiful, they are so cute.

BANANA FISH has characters of different races, how do you feel about the way they’re portrayed?

AKI: All the characters are portrayed well. I don’t sense the bad stereotypes you get in other shows.

Malik (Sophomore): As a black man, it’s very refreshing. I don’t get to see a lot of black people in anime and when I do, there are times when they’re used as comedy fodder or as a stereotype of some sort. So to see them portrayed in different ways from Cain to Kong is very refreshing and enjoyable.

cain being cool.jpg

Cactus Matt: While it was kind of galling that they killed Skip first I think the portrayal of black characters in this show is pretty authentic, at least from a Japanese perspective of America.

Sabrina: I think it’s done… mostly well. I do think Banana Fish, the manga, is a product of its time, and I found myself skeptical about a white kid becoming the leader of a bunch of minority gang members. I was pleasantly surprised that Cain Blood didn’t end up being a stereotype like I worried he might be.

Karina: I feel like they’re portrayed respectfully and without stereotypes.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): I don’t recall much that I think I would consider insensitive in that regard. It is true that many of the POC characters are portrayed as criminals, but some of them are also portrayed as being protagonists who help our mains. And it also does realistically convey the American setting of the series.

Nabilah: They’re all pretty secondary to Ash. And none of them besides maybe Yut Lung are really compelling. Also the portrayal of race relationships feels strangely unauthentic to me.

Melanie: I think it’s somehow realistic for that time. Personally, I don’t give a shot about the race of a person but I think the way BF portrayed them and the fights between the gangs are very authentic.

eiji and skip.jpg

naomi armitage: Yes! Diversity! Living for it! I don’t think there were any racist stereotypes? but being white I cannot say too much I guess? but still, I guess some things are linked to the strong 80s roots? idk how to articulate this sorry.

Marah: Glad that you asked that, I am so happy about them showing that kind of change to the anime world.

Jiyeon: I think they’re pretty good. I haven’t really had a problem with how they’re portrayed.

byul mochi: They’re doing okay I guess, I’m not an expert at races thingy lol


Ane: It’s fine, they aren’t being mocked for their races.

Denise: That’s an amazing thing.

BANANA FISH has few female characters, how do you feel about the way the show portrays them thus far?

AKI: They all seem like strong-willed women and honestly, I’m all for it.

Malik (Sophomore): It doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve enjoyed the female characters we’ve come across so far. I do think the show could use more females though.

Cactus Matt: Banana Fish is one of the absolute worst anime in regards to having a good portrayal of female characters, it doesn’t cast them in prominent roles and too eagerly kills them off for the sake of drama. The thing that’s stopping me from liking this show more is it not having enough strong female characters.

ash says he has a sister in new york

Sabrina: Women are virtually non-existent in Banana Fish. I’m not crazy about this, but it actually makes sense to me considering that most of the spheres in which Ash lives (gangs, politics) tend to be male-dominated.

Karina: I love them.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): The one major female character we’ve gotten is Jessica who’s a tough af boss. I’m less a fan of the fact she ends up getting sexually abused (though at least that takes place off-screen) which does feel pretty cheap. Still, like her character though.

Nabilah: I have such a huge crush on Jessica. She’s the only prominent female character but that’s to be expected from this type of show so I don’t mind. I always thought her being raped was cheap so I appreciated how the anime handled it.

Melanie: Banana Fish is a dark and gritty story and the females fit in very well! There is no space for cliché cute girls, I think.

jessica being badass

naomi armitage: yeah… Jennifer… Jessica… indeed… Nadia… Ash’s first crush… they don’t have much story of their own, they are used for the plot… I guess it’s also linked to the strong 80s roots? anyway yeah, they deserved better.

Marah: It really didn’t bother me.

Jiyeon: Even though they get little screen time, they’re not shown to be weak. They’re very realistic in a sense.

byul mochi: Yeah, I do realize that but then again not all story has to have both genders as a part of the story, at least we have Jessica and Nadia.

Charley: The few seen so far are normally civilians and aren’t seen as a sex object/maid and I love it they’re just normal people.

Ane: They don’t make much difference in the plot but I understand it’s a more common environment for men anyway.

Denise: That’s true, Banana Fish have less girls, but Jessica is a cool character and strong. (…)

Who’s the character/s you identify the most with?

AKI: I think I identify a lot with Shorter. He’s super silly and loyal and would do anything to protect the ones he loves. I’m still sad to see him go.

shorter says he gotta get his action

Malik (Sophomore): Probably Eiji Okumura.

Cactus Matt: Shunici Ibe.

Sabrina: Hm. I think Eiji! He and I are both wholly unfamiliar with the kind of world Ash lives in. I think we’re both well-intentioned people who will stand firm when it comes to things that are truly important. Eiji is much braver than me, though!

Karina: Sing.

Isaac (Uchoutenout): Eiji, because he sort of just has things happen to him and I can relate to that. I can also relate to wanting Ash’s beautiful lips pressed against mine.

Nabilah: Max.

Melanie: Eiji.

naomi armitage: SHORTER I love (1) boy THE BEST BOY (ep 9 never happened no no no) but snake Yut Lung seems to be also very complex and it’s going to be very interesting in the second part.

Marah: Hmmm that’s a hard question, I don’t know, I guess there isn’t.

Jiyeon: Eiji.

eiji and ibe.jpg

byul mochi: Sing, and maybe Yut Lung??

Charley: Ash.

Ane: Sing and Eiji.

Denise: Maybe Eiji or Sing.

Do you have any thoughts on how BANANA FISH is incorporating drugs, mind control and politicians into the plot thus far?

AKI: Pretty good so far haha. I mean, having the Republicans partner off with Dino for this horrible drug? It sounds pretty accurate to me LMAO. (Sorry for being political abxjdhsjshjdjs)

Malik (Sophomore): It does add to how much power and influence Golzine has and how influential the idea of Banana Fish really is.

Cactus Matt: I like that’s portraying Republican politicians as the immoral monsters that they are!

Sabrina: Part of what I love about Banana Fish is just how easily you could see this happening. It’s not too far into the realm of fantasy.

Karina: It’s realistic and I feel like they’re real problems people and society deal with.

dino with the u.s. flag

Isaac (Uchoutenout): Most of that stuff so far is mostly background details so not much of an opinion other than how it successfully makes the setting of the series feel more tangible.

Nabilah: Yeah, it’s all pretty silly. I’ve given up on any sense of realism so I’m hoping the show would include more out there action scenes to keep me entertained.

Melanie: It’s fascinating and again, I would say very realistic. Sometimes I think about when a drug like Banana Fish would exist in the real world, It would be the same terrifying thing.

naomi armitage: GENIUS! (I live for deep dark stuff) still relevant today, it’s mindblowing how on point the plot was already in the 80s.

Marah: I want to stab them in the nick.

Jiyeon: It’s a bit confusing if you didn’t read it, but I think they’re doing a good job. The world of drugs is complicated. It’s the same for politics, not everything is black and white, there are grey areas. There’s corruption within the government whether we admit to it or not. BF is doing a good job on incorporating it, even if it can be a bit exaggerated.

byul mochi: That’s a heavy stuff that we need to know but the world just agreed to ignore it, so this is a good aspect from the anime and the manga.

Charley: Surprisingly enough I haven’t really thought about it, but the concept of what the drug is used for is really cool.

Ane: The manga explanation is better in that aspect, but I think the anime is kinda rushed to explain these part involving drugs and politicians, you can only get the general idea.

Denise: The same as the others thing, it’s so true, Banana Fish reflects the reality.

Do you have any thoughts on the show’s villains and the way they’re portrayed?

AKI: They’re all pretty much scum to me but that just means the shows doing a good job making me hate them. Also, I would like to add that Yut Lung is an all-around interesting villain because he’s just kinda in the middle at times. (And I can’t wait for Blanca to show up later in the show.)

Malik (Sophomore): They don’t feel forced. They feel like natural villains that you want to hate.

arthur says dino is guiding these monsters

Cactus Matt: They seem very “gay” and I get that’s because of the genre this show comes from but it also seems kinda silly that pretty much every character is gay.

Sabrina: I’m not super fond of the trope of the truly villainous male characters being gay or queer, but then I think of ones like Arthur and Yut-Lung, who have a bit of a ‘purer’ loathing for Ash. Dino is a loathsome, disgusting person, and sometimes he feels almost like a caricature, but I think him occasionally ‘helping’ Ash adds an intelligent, but horrifying, layer of complexity to his character. It underscores just how possessive he is–like, ‘no one else can destroy Ash but me’.

Karina: They dickheads fuck em lol

Isaac (Uchoutenout): There has been talk of the main villain and how he represents a predatory queer villain archetype and, I understand how that can turn people off, but I do feel like the large number of queer characters in the series at least balances it a bit. Maybe just a little. I will say the sexual nature is easily the most disturbing and not even that necessary storyline.

Nabilah: They’re unambiguously evil. But Arthur’s voice is hot.

Melanie: This show’s villains are absolutely cruel. You feel that they do everything to break down their enemies. Amazingly written and portrayed.

naomi armitage: I honestly don’t understand the villains in this show??? like Dino, Lee clan, Arthur??? they are just bad and mean with no redeeming qualities. They are the enemy and that’s it? you just hate them? they are on a whole new level of villains? like really really bad it feels real? it could have happened? it’s not some fantasy villains in a fantasy world…

Marah: Excellent work!!👏🏼 I fucking hate them all.

max calls dino filthy bastard

Jiyeon: You see them struggle against and fear Ash. It’s something you see time to time in shows but it never really shows both sides in an equal balance. Banana fish does it, you know about each side enough to decide whether you can come to like someone or hate them.

byul mochi: Ugh, the villains are the worst which means that’s a good thing???

Charley: The thing is, the villains are obviously evil and yet you still have a soft side for them.

Ane: They are really well-developed characters, you are able to hate them and even sympathize with some of them.

Denise: They are horrible as hell.

Any additional thoughts? Feel free to talk about anything I haven’t asked about the show that you would like to share

AKI: Shorter Wong deserves the world and he’s still in my heart.

Karina: BF helps me cope with personal experiences and I can see myself in the characters. The relationship dynamics have helped me come to terms with my identity. It keeps me busy and I just love it so much!

Isaac (Uchoutenout): Eiji feeding Ash soup while he rests.

Nabilah: I think in terms of writing and execution this show is a mess and doesn’t really know what it wants to be which is why there is currently so much debate and contradictory opinions on it. Some people are fully invested in the plot and themes while others may be enjoying it in a more campy way. I really think if they had set the story in the 80s a lot of elements could have been better contextualized. The earliest point I felt this was when Ash asked Eiji if there was any child porn in Japan to which Eiji answered he didn’t know. Given that in the anime’s timeline his country would have just banned child porn this came off as less naive and more willful ignorance. It’s less forgivable than in the 80s where there’s the thin excuse of there being no laws and the internet. Stuff like this hurts the show as an adaptation.

Melanie: Banana Fish is amazing! I would recommend it to everyone who loves dark stories. And it’s so well written in the manga.







Note: I want to especially thank everyone who used this last section to leave me kind messages. Thank you! Sabrina: IMHO both the soundtrack and the merchandise are Very Good. Props to Mondo Grosso. 


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6 thoughts on “BANANA FISH fans share their thoughts on the anime (1er cour) – Part I

  1. It is really nice to see how different people have different opinion about the show. I really liked the manga so I’m probably not objective about the anime but I like it a lot.
    I also really like your review and color analysis of the show, it teaches me a lot of things.
    Finally if you are interested, there is a chinese anime (donghua) which, in my opinion, is similar to Banana Fish in the way that it is a story where the characters just happened to fell in love with someone of the same sex but in a more historical, fantasy setting. It is a great story with really good animation most of the time, incredible background and superb music with a classic chinese feel. The title is “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” or “Mo Dao Zu Shi” for the chinese title. If you watch movie like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” you will probably like it (I think 🙂 ).
    Thanks for reading my novel xD,
    Have a good day !!

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