Update: design & accesibility

Hi! Those of you who usually visit the blog from your phones might not notice any change, but the rest of you will see that there’s a new design!

Writing about Banana Fish weekly is a self-imposed challenge that it’s making me think about things I didn’t consider too much when I wasn’t updating regularly. Every episodic analysis has around 2000-3000 words, some even have 4000! That’s a goddamn lot of words!

To be completely frank, it hasn’t really been hard writing that much because I can never shut up about Banana Fish, (although sometimes I wish I could update a little more quickly). However, common sense says that I’m expecting people to read a goddamn lot of words, meaning I should be concerned about making the experience of reading this blog as pleasant as possible.

The new design isn’t as “cool” as the previous one (or even as flexible when it comes to customizing the design), but it eliminates distractions to prioritize the post and passes accessibility tests the other one didn’t. I don’t self-host and having the access to the tools necessary to actually tweak the design like I want would require a bigger budget, so for now, this is the best I can do. Let me know what you think!

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