Banana Fish #9: Save Me the Waltz

6 thoughts on “Banana Fish #9: Save Me the Waltz”

  1. As always I love your analysis. Banana fish is an amazing story, so deep, raw and cruel and at the same time we have a main cast of characters that are incredibly good, “human” and strong, and I can’t help loving them. Last episode was heartbreaking on so many levels I couldn’t sleep at all after I saw it T.T

    I didn’t know Banana Fish before the anime started and I’m reading the manga slowly after I watch every episode (I couldn’t avoid a few spoilers but I didn’t know what was going to happen in this episode). I think studio Mappa is doing an amazing job and I appreciated the little changes they made until now; especially in this episode where we were able to see Shorter’s eyes (in the manga he was wearing his sunglasses all the time) and literally see his world breaking apart because of Banana Fish.


  2. I read this instead of watching the whole episode, since I stopped at some point. When Shorter got injected with Banana Fish, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I’m glad I turned it off because from what I gather here, it’s a sad and gruesome story. I’m afraid that’s it for Banana Fish and me. But thank you for writing these wonderful analysis, which once again was very insightful to read!


  3. Great analysis! I hadn’t thought about connecting Zelda Fitzgerald’s work to this, and since I haven’t read the manga and am going into the anime fresh, I didn’t know about the Angel Eyes spin-off, either. That certainly adds an extra layer of meaning to what happened. The episode was brutal, but really beautifully done.


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