Banana Fish #4: This Side of Paradise

10 thoughts on “Banana Fish #4: This Side of Paradise”

  1. Once again you’ve given a fantastic and indepth look at this episode. I really want to go and rewatch the episode now as you’ve given me a lot to think about with the characters and the plot. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful post.


    1. Colors can be extremely versatile and meanings can vary wildly depending on so so many different factors–this is my interpretation but of course, I can always be wrong. I usually consult more than one source but the main one (that I like to recommend and sometimes I mention in the blog) is “If it’s purple, someone’s going to die” by Patti Bellantoni. It’s very complete and unlike other books, it’s easy to understand without getting overwhelming.


      1. Thanks for the answer, and the book recommendation, too!

        From what I could glean from a quick look online, I think Bellantoni’s approach is psychological rather than cultural. In Banana Fish, the colors may be chosen to symbolize a certain meaning either subconsciously or intentionally, but if they are chosen with intent, I think it’s likely that cultural coding also plays a role, so I’m sceptic about some interpreations. However, I’m always impressed by how in-depth your interpreations are despite the episodes airing weekly, and I’m enjoying your insights on the colors, too. It’s going to be interesting to look at the finished anime as a whole.


      2. That’s a fair concern. I do have it too so I usually avoid mentioning a color unless I see some pattern, like purple… it’s also present before Ash shoots and kills that dude in episode 1 for example, and I’ve seen it being used to foreshadow changes in other shows like this season’s Revue Starlight (I’ve also seen a good part of the psychology of “film language” being the same in media regardless of the country they come from). But I definitively don’t discard the possibility; there could be some cultural-specific meanings I’m not seeing! (yet, hopefully). Thanks for the comment!


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