Banana Fish #3 Across the River and Into the Trees

7 thoughts on “Banana Fish #3 Across the River and Into the Trees”

  1. Thanks for the great analysis, especially of the visual coding and framing!

    Your comparison of the kiss in the manga vs. the anime was very interesting. I currently find it hard to get on the Ash/Eiji ship on the basis of the anime alone. Firstly, because I don’t get why Ash would suddenly care for the guy who came to interview him to the point of risking his life for him. Their connection becomes much more believable after Eiji’s brave escape, but that first episode still bugs me. And then Ash cozying up to Eiji in prison – I saw that more as an act to give the kiss more context, make them look like lovers. I thought the way he softened his voice sounded unnatural for him.

    Eiji definitely seems affected, though. Don’t get me wrong, I love what is developing between them, and the conspiratory look after the kiss was perfect. Your analysis and interpretation gave me a new perspective that I wouldn’t have found from watching the anime alone, so thanks for that!


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