Banana Fish #1: A Perfect Day for Bananafish

9 thoughts on “Banana Fish #1: A Perfect Day for Bananafish”

  1. I don’t have much to add, really, except that I wanted to say how much I appreciated your write up. Out of all of the various online reviews of the first episode, yours is the first that really has made me think about things (like the gorgeous use of colour) that I missed upon watching. BF is probably my fave out of any manga that has been translated to English (although recently Otherworld Barbara is giving it a run for its money). As a young teen in the 90s it was, aside from a few of the early Hagio short works Rachel Matt Thorn translated, the first manga I tried out that really connected to me, and sure, on some level that probably was because I did read it as intrinsically gay (or queer, I guess, as the words would be used now). When the Pulp editions stopped after volume 7 I was heartbroken (though I soon realized I could read it in the French translation–which is how I have managed to read some other Yoshida titles). It also was a title that I tried over the decades (!) to get friends–manga lovers and non manga lovers–to read, with only very limited luck. I mean, they usually loved it if they gave it a chance, but… So I’m glad that the anime will expose a lot of people to it who may not have given the manga a chance–although I admit I’ve found myself getting very defensive on other blogs with some of the comments (especially the bizarre reaction to whether it’s gay or not–from both sides–which, I guess, I should have expected). Anyway, I pretty much am in agreement with you on the anime *so far*.

    The only thing you don’t really seem to question is the period change. I’m ok with it being set “now”–and I think the use of cell phones, etc, more or less worked. But I still gotta question *why* the change. Would Noitamina viewers really be turned off by an 80s set anime? While BF never was exactly an accurate take on 80s NYC, the gang heavy New York does seem to be something that is much more 70s-80s than a reflection of the problems plaguing NYC now.

    I look forward to following your future reviews!

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  2. Well, I can point out a bit more info about a cat on Dino’s lap. In manga as I remember it was just a siamese cat – oriental beautiful breed, but not so rare and fully domesticated. In anime it’s not JUST a cat… I think it’s bengal cat. It’s even more luxurious breed and one the most expensive ones. Bengal is a hybrid breed of cat, formed by the cross of a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. Trully fitting Dino’s image and his desire to tame our lynx.

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