Clear Card: When Beloved Series Rely Too Much On Nostalgia

3 thoughts on “Clear Card: When Beloved Series Rely Too Much On Nostalgia”

  1. Sums up my feelings perfectly; I was able to overlook the flaws while I was watching due to my love for the series and the characters. But after that underwhelming finale I felt like it was such a letdown. (Most upset by the lack of Touya x Yukito </3)


  2. Do you know how close the manga is to the anime? I wonder if it’s worth checking out the Clear Card manga when I finish the main CCS manga. My favorite parts of the original are Touya and Yukito and their relationship, and Tomoyo. (As frustrating as it is that she never gets a girlfriend, at least her pining for her best friend is a much more familiar Formative Lesbian Experience (TM) than what you get in a lot of yuri manga. Which I think is why a lot of lesbians and bi women I know who read/watched it when they were younger latched on to her. Idk how I missed the boat when I was younger but it’s something that feels very familiar to me as a lesbian now!) Sakura and Syaoran’s puppy-love is cute and I understand delving into it more here, but it sounds like even then it doesn’t go as deep into it as it could since it sidelines Syaoran too much.

    A lot of what you wrote sound to me, as someone who has not seen this show, like the issues I had with Sailor Moon: Crystal (aside from the production-related issues with SMC). Like presenting fan-favorite parts of the original work in the most soulless way without adding anything new to it, along with seemingly pandering to het-shippers while downplaying (or outright erasing, sometimes, in the case of SMC’s first season) same-sex romance from the earlier work.


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