Review: My Dearest Cop

Seiji Tajima is a single, forty-something shop owner who’s close friends with police officer Shin Nakamoto. Shin, who’s just been assigned a patrol in Seiji’s neighborhood, has known the older man since he was in high school – back when Seiji himself worked in the police force. Shin’s harbored a crush on Seiji for years, but has convinced himself that their relationship is as good as it gets – until one day out of the blue, Seiji casually mentions the possibility of trying his luck with men… His simmering feelings suddenly brought to the boil, Shin shoves Seiji up against the wall, and… From the author of the hit comic “An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat” comes a new spin-off! Can Shin, who’s held a 10-year-long torch for the (too) laid-back Seiji, win in this game of love?

When Shin and Seiji first met, the former was a high school student, the later, a cop ten years older. Your typical BL would have had them start a (sexually active) relationship right there, with little to no hesitation. So I was pleasantly surprised when My Dearest Cop established Shin as a working adult hitting his thirties right off the bat, keeping his high school years as backstory.

After clearing that admittedly low bar, things just get better. Protagonist Shin isn’t exactly shy, but he’s the dead-pan, serious, quiet type. Once he gets the chance to go all out, oh boy, does he turn into a blushy, daring mess.

Love interest Seiji is (and believe me, there’s no other way to put it) a teasing little shit, but a good-natured one. He’s a big cat lover and an easy going, affectionate guy, always facing things playfully.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.30.53 PM
here’s when you know it’s good

Everything starts in a very BL fashion. Tired of his bad luck with love, Seiji decides it’s time to “try men instead,” instantly catching Shin’s undivided attention. This is the kind of story where sexuality isn’t really addressed. Seiji says this without thinking things through, and when he starts having second thoughts, he settles for the very familiar “well, if it’s him, it’s fine.” However, he also expresses the very understandable desire to be with someone who loves him while giving the purest smile, so I’m giving him a pass.

My Dearest Cop presents itself as a romantic comedy, and the execution succeeds in delivering both. You can tell this story is a smutty one from pretty early on, but it also gives a lot of focus to its plot. As Shin and Seiji get closer in their relationship, past events (and traumas) are slowly revealed throughout the story, effectively giving more weight to the present without ever getting heavy or turning into melodrama. When we do get to the sex scenes at the climax (ha) of the story, they have plenty of humor, personality, and feeling.

When My Dearest Cop it’s funny, it comes mostly from the dynamic between Shin and Seiji (and the smut). In some ways, they feel like a couple of idiots who have been together for a long time; the rest of the time, you can tell they’re still trying to figure things out. Either way, they try to reach a place they’re both comfortable with (and avoid a lot of unnecessary drama) by actually talking to each other, which I really appreciate.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.51.23 PM

Niyama’s paneling it’s pretty standard, but she has some of my favorite style of art: generally leaning toward realistic but going for exaggerated, silly faces when the situation calls for it. Her art feels pretty clean without ever going minimalistic, and I’m unexpectedly charmed by her tendency of occasionally marking the character’s teeth (see banner).

My Dearest Cop is An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat‘s spin-off, where Seiji is a supporting character. But you don’t need to read it to understand the story, in fact, if you aren’t familiar with the formula, you probably won’t even notice there was another book before this one. Unlike other works I’ve read before, the story doesn’t assume you’re already familiar with the main characters from the previous story. Instead, it takes the time to explain what you need to know while keeping their appearance natural and brief.

Overall, My Dearest Cop is a smutty and entertaining ride, with occasional touching and plenty of funny moments. I like it a whole lot, and I would definitely recommend it to someone who wants a quick BL read without having to deal with some of the most tiring tropes.

This title is licensed by Renta! with 1 volume digitally available. You can find it on its website, where you can rent or buy each chapter individually. 

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