Sannin Musume: The Biggest Female Stars of The Early Post-War Era [Yatta-Tachi]

After World War II, the occupation forces brought a cultural change to Japan. The opening of several nightclubs throughout the country saw the import of western musical styles that were popular in the day, such as bebop, jazz, swing, mambo, among others. This also led to the birth of Kayōkyoku (歌謡曲; Pop Tune), which is basically a mix of western and Japanese music, also considered to be the base of what we know as J-pop.

Among all the entertainers that flourished in this context, some stars shone particularly brighter. Some of them were three – now-legendary – girls, known as “Sannin Musume” (The Three Sisters), who were the most popular female singers in the early post-war era. All three of them had their own successful, individual careers, but they collaborated on some songs – that haven’t been released due to each of them belonging to different labels – and a total of four movies together, mostly during the 1950s.

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