[Video] How CCS subverts the Competitive Women Trope & starting a Patreon

Hey! It’s been practically half a year, but I finally found the motivation to bring my channel back to life. I wasn’t really planning to do a video on Cardcaptor Sakura, but apparently, this show keeps giving me things to talk about.

Since I decided to make more videos, I also started a Patreon. I want to keep creating more content, especially focusing on female-centric and/or media created by women, the treatment of female characters (in general) and queer themes. I’ve already been blogging and writing pieces at other sites about most of this. But besides covering what I still haven’t, one of my goals it’s to also make videos on that.

As I wrote on my Patreon, I’m currently working on a series of videos, one including shojo (which was one of my 2018 goals!). With the support of my patrons, I’ll be able to cover some expenses, get access to more material and increase the quality of my work.

If you like what I’ve been doing so far, please consider becoming a Patron!

Thank you!


If you would like to see more of this, please consider supporting my Patreon!

Your support will help me keep the site running, and if I can reach my first goal, I plan to release a series of videos focusing on retro shojo manga. Thank you!



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