Exploring Banana Fish’s Violent, Bizarre World

8 thoughts on “Exploring Banana Fish’s Violent, Bizarre World”

  1. This is a great article I’ve been a fan of Banana Fish for years and can’t wait for the anime to come out later this year. Whilst the romantic relationship between Ash and Eiji it’s never explicit stated it, their love story is one of my favourite found in manga. Its seems 2018 is a great time for 80/90s queer manga with Devilman, Banana Fish both getting an anime, hopefully Silver Diamond will get one as well completing the list of my favourite “sort of gay” Manga. Hopefully the BF anime will due the works justice and give you something new to write about.

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    I’ve just finish reading it after 1 and a half day and I can’t stop bawling my eyes until now. I can’t believe I missed out such a great and amazing story. I’ve read Silver Diamond so I can’t believe I didn’t manage to notice this amazing piece. God. I still can’t over Ash’s death. I can’t get over the fact that they didn’t get the happy ending they deserve. I’m so pissed that rather than Yau-Si who has done nothing to try and attempt to change his destiny, Ash was the one who ends up dying when in fact he was the one who tried his best to break the lifestyle he was in. I mean sure Eiji’s presence is a factor but let’s be honest, if Yau-Si has just given Eiji a chance to befriend him then this whole mess wouldn’t even escalate this further. If only he had just given up at least a little, I mean just a little bit of his pride or whatever it is needed for his bit**in ass to listen and give Eiji a chance to show that he too can change then it would have been avoided and he would have been a greater help for Eiji and Ash to escape from Dino’s ass. TBH, I’ve tried my best to give him a lot of chances all throughout the story but GOD help me, he just keeps making a lot of trouble and it’s making me lose whatever sense of pity or understanding for him. Even as he tried to explain to Blanca his back story I was feeling nothing, probably the most neutral feeling I’ve felt all throughout the story. I neither felt pity nor angry at him. I just don’t mind anything regarding him anymore. Afterall, no matter what happens it’s not just him who had a fuck up childhood. ASH HAD IT WORST TOO. I’m not too sure which is worst as they probably find both their lives hard for both of them as a child but ASH CHOOSE TO CHANGE HIS DESTINY OR AT LEAST ATTEMPTED TO CHANGE IT RATHER THAN TRYING TO KEEP HIMSELF COVERED AND DROWNING IN HATRED. UNLIKE YAU-SI HE HAS THE COURAGE TO TRY AND FACE A DIFFERENT FUTURE RATHER THAN LICKING PEOPLE’S ASSES. God, right now I am so spiteful of Yau-Si and as much as I want to give him the second chance I can’t. I just can’t. Not after what happened to Ash. Not after what the damage he has done to both Eiji and Ash who only wanted for God’s sake to be happy and live a peaceful life. I am so sad that this has to end like this and I am more importantly frustrated that no one has bothered seeing someone bleeding like that and yet not doing anything. I mean are people blind at some point??? I mean sure at first few minutes blood probably cant be seen but hello after a quite some time I’m pretty sure there’ll be at least drips of it. How come people has not noticed it? They COULD, I mean like at least 10 0r 5% at least of survival when he’s being escorted to the hospital. GOD. I don’t know. I am so bitter that my babies.. In the additional short story, you could actually see how much heartbreaking it was for him that Ash is no longer here but he also knows that Ash will always be with him and look after him.
    In all honesty, I want the author to at least make another short story about them. Eiji and Ash, living in a peaceful lifestyle this time and happily enjoying each other’s company. This would put my heart on ease. I keep on thinking if Ash was here I’m pretty sure Eiji would be smiling all more happily. Or if only Eiji and Ash had meet in early age.. Would this have changed Ash’s future? Would he have more time to think about wanting to start anew? Would he have spent much more time with Eiji happily?? God. I am so traumatized, happy, sad.. Reading this manga was a hella rollercoaster ride for me. I had my heart break, put back again, only to be broken all over again and reading the short stories only crushed it into tiny pieces. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to recover from this once I start watching the anime. I’m excited tho how they’ll play it all out given that it has shorter episodes..
    Anyway, this is totally different from Silver Diamond in where even though I had my heart broken at times, the ending was just plainly perfect as it is. They were happily together and it was not forced either.. I guess sometimes in life you just gotta know that there are bad endings. I just hope there’ll be a short story where they’ll all be alive and happy all together. That is all I wish especially for my adorable and cute babies (Eiji and Ash). Thank you so much for this opportunity to rant about my feelings.


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