Otaku Round-Up: Our connection with media

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Spot the purple! Change In Land of the Lustrous: Yet another post examining the use on purple for scenes and character design.

My Fave is Problematic: Ranma 1/2: For Anime Feminist, I took a look at the problematic ways in which Ranma 1/2 deals with femininity. However, I still love this series, in big part thanks to the love I have for the female cast.

Outside Otaku, She wrote

“But There’s A Reason It’s There!”: How to Meta Critique (Guest-Starring Land of the Lustrous): Vrai examines how “in-story justification” doesn’t absolve a work from criticism, especially when it perpetuates harmful ideas.

89-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovers Photography, Can’t Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits Now: It’s never too late to find a new passion. At 89, Kimiko Nishimoto discovered her love for photography, and she has been pursuing it ever since. I assure you that her playful, creative work will put a smile on your face.

75 Years Later, Now, Voyager Remains a Poignant Depiction of Mental Illness: A personal essay from one of my favorite film critics, Angelica Jade Bastién, where she discusses how this movie helped her when she needed it the most. Golden Age actress Bette Davis was certainly a force to be reckoned with, and she often brought unparalleled intensity and integrity to her characters. The enduring quality of Now, Voyager it’s perhaps the best example of this.

[AniFemTalk] Positively depicting sex and sexuality: Exactly what it says, a discussion of positive depictions of the topic on anime and manga.

[Feature] Escape from Yuri Hell: FLIP FLAPPERS’ critique of the Class S genre: A very well put together article examining some of the oldest tropes in yuri (one that’s still very much alive), and how Flip Flappers ultimately subvert it.

Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z: I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and boy, was I obsessed with it. I remember my days watching this show very fondly, which is why seeing how much it means for black men brings a special kind of joy to my heart.

Creepy or Kind: Recovery of an MMO Junkie and exploring boundaries in relationships: Punishedhag takes a in-deep look at some of the potentially problematic behavior from male-lead Sakurai.

The Sparkling World of 1970s Shojo Manga, Part 1: Introduction: By LM. I’m on a journey to learn more about the history of shojo manga, and I’m finding this series of posts very educating.

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