Video Essays Survey [About Anime and Related Content]

Hey there! How’s this week been treating you?

Personally, I’m feeling pretty motivated. I’m thinking of launching a new project: a series of video essays focusing mainly on anime –and maybe other forms of Japanese entertainment in the future

I work a lot in video editing, which is something that I enjoy as much –if not more– as I enjoy writing. So I guess it was only a matter of time until I asked myself: “hey, I write about things I love all the time. Why not make videos of it too?”

So I prepared this short survey (only 8 questions!) that will help me create content people can really enjoy.

Just like with this blog, I want to give the videos a feminist perspective. But I would also like to approach the content outside of that, focusing also in things such as character dynamics, visual components, or in other words, just what makes things work.

I will really appreciate your help!


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One thought on “Video Essays Survey [About Anime and Related Content]

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