I know, I know, I’m so inconsistent with this section! I’ll start doing this on friday-saturday rather than sunday-monday. Maybe then it will be easier to actually do this every week.

I haven’t been around the blog much –so sorry about that!– for two reasons: I’m preparing contributions for other sites and I have been completely consumed by My Hero Academia (it’s so good guys!). But that’s okay because now I can write about it… (right?)

Anyway, I actually didn’t neglect twitter, so here’s a little something:

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi is out now, and it’s bound to resonate with many.

“How can I ever explain gay marriage to my children?” The answer is actually quite simple

After the women only screening controversy for Wonder Woman, Anifem ask the important questions (Akatsuki no Yona as a period k-drama is not something I want. Is something I need)

And because we’re talking about Wonder Woman, it’s important to notice how Robin Wright went from the princess that needed rescue (from the 80s classic “My Princess Bride”) to badass general of the Amazons.

…So this happened:

The best part of it are the fans reaction:

Which remains me of Lauren Orsini article More than Just Skin: How hentai games are seducing new audiences –so go check it out!

’nuff said

Lead image via Seven Seas

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