Yaoi manga publisher June used the world “trap” for a marketing campaign. Alexis Sergio makes a strong case telling us why that’s very harmful and needs to stop.

Who’s watching The Royal Tutor? I am, and I’m enjoying it so far. Lauren Orsini it’s watching it too, and here’s what she has to say about the privilege awareness of Prince Bruno.

What are the effects of movies like Your Name in a post-Ghibli industry? kViN analyses.

Manga translator Zack Davisson has some advice for those who want to learn japanese.

This twitter thread by @ dispels common misconceptions about the anime industry.

Let’s talk about Star Wars! Carly Lane has a couple of things to say about the different forms of strength found in Padme Amidala. Rosie Knight takes a look into one of the biggest influence for the Star Wars franchise: The Hidden Fortress –Akira Kurosawa samurai adventure classic.

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