Iku Okada started to write a series about the “japanese quiet war against gender inequality and queer representation” in response to this twitter discussion. She declares herself a proud otaku and fujoshi. Your can read her essays here: Self-introduction (Part I) and Defeat the true enemy, to save Princess Peach (Part II)

Richard Eisenbeis analyses  What Would Happen if Magical Girls Existed in the Real World based on Re: Creators second episode.

What does ‘otaku’ really mean? Is ‘otaku’ an insult? It depends, reads Merriam-Webster’s article headline. A very interesting read.

Alaina Leary talks about why is important to have more diverse autism representation on TV in Teen Vogue, reminding us humans are complex and diverse, regardless of mental conditions.

What’s your Anime Origin story? Lauren Orsini from Otaku Journalist wants to hear from you.

And last but not least, Anime Feminist has put up a spring premiere ranking and the staff’s favourite feminist anime recommendations of the winter season.

Lead photo via Re: Creators Twitter

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