Without decent WiFi connection for most of the week, I spend the last two days catching up with 4 different anime. But I still found the way to dig around the internet a little. For me, this week has been high on emotions.


I finally watched Your Name… What a ride. This is why i love watching movies. I recommend reading Emily Yoshida’s review on Vulture. This report on Anime News Network estimates the movie has grossed over $2.4 Million over one week in North America.


Lezhin Comics “3rd World Contest” First Prize Winner Spring in the Heart was disqualified. The webtoon used the ever popular hanahaki disease as the main concept. But little the author (and honestly, most of us) know this concept is copyrighted. The concept belongs to Naoko Matsuda for her manga Hanahaki Otome, licensed under Kodansha.

I’m so sad. This webtoon was so promising and i’m not ready to let go… But not all is lost, folks (yet). Fans have helped author Dami reach out to Matsuda-sensei on twitter, both to apologise for the unfortunate turn of events and ask for permission. In turn, Matsuda-sensei has already contacted her editor regarding this matter and asked her to wait for the time being. I’m anxious to see how this develops.

Features and everything else

Published BL (boy love) author Caroline Olsen writes about the history of the genre and how it’s faring nowadays. A must read.

And while we are on the subject, Queer Fundanshi talks about BL tropes: Sudden death eating. The video explore the unfortunate but common trope of killing one of the main characters for the sake of his lover’s reaction. As a side note, another way to name the trope is bury your gays.

By the way, what are you guys watching this season? I’m currently on board with:

  • The Royal Tutor: deadpan and chibi humour, trashy beautiful boys
  • KADO: The Right Answer: negotiations, alien deities, what’s up with that cube and please tell me more about those “coworkers
  • WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?: Ridiculous long name but very promising premise and world building.
  • Attack on Titan: This season already feels better than the last.
  • Alice&Zouroku: I’m not into cutesy things, so episode 2 almost lost me. But episode 1 has too much promise, so i’m willing to keep up with it. For now.

I still need to check out Sakura’s Quest and Re: Creators looks really good.

And that’s it for now.

Lead screenshot via Collider

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