Hey there!

Just like I talked about a few days ago, I made a video based on one of the first articles of this blog. It’s the first time I record by myself, and I had a little difficulty with my mic in terms of volume/mouth-to-mic distance/cursed background noise. Also, I cringe every time I listen to my voice (I’m an awkward nerd). But!… I think this turned out pretty well. I certainly had a lot of fun editing!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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  • killyridols

    I went to a screening of Princess Mononoke in New Orleans tonight and became really interested in Lady Eboshi’s character in particular after this viewing. I thought your analysis was SO GOOD and you pointed out so much of the context that I was missing to fully understand such a great character. Thanks! Please keep it up and continue make more reviews, you have a great talent.

    • Thank you! Glad you found my analysis helpful 🙂