The site is barely a month and a half old, but i went ahead and completely redesigned it. I feel like I’m still figuring out my general direction, but I’m more confident now in where I want to go. I’ll most likely keep making changes in the next couple days. Are the fonts okay? Is the site easy to navigate? I updated all the pages in the menu too. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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She’s one of the worse students of her class. Every time she tries to cook/bake for her special someone it’s a catastrophe. To walk like all human beings without tripping with the air it’s a challenge. Naturally, she sucks at athletics. In fact, she lacks almost every skill needed to function in society.

Ah, the struggles of being a romantic female lead.

But fear not. For every useless girl in a leading role there is a flawless male hero, always prepared to save her.

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