Typing about Anime & Related Geekery.


A good story can come in many forms, but this site focus mostly on: anime, manga and films. Although I’m often compelled to explore them trough a feminist perspective, I also like to focus on what, to put it simply, makes a story worthwhile.

Who is she?

I’m known as Marion Bea. Welcome to my place! Nice to see you around.

A little backstory: I founded Otaku, she wrote thanks to my desire to share my burning passion for stories–and my mighty need to over- analyze most of what I consume. Nothing too fancy.

And what do I consume? Well, Japanese pop culture is the protagonist here, although american entertainment (shows, comics) might make a little appearance once in a while.

I dissect stories and write about pop culture. The rest of the time I’ll most likely spend it watching movies, anime and series. Or reading anything I can get my hands on.

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